Hippo’s In the Wind by Karen Shepherd

In this stunning illustrated picture book, a young hippopotamus wants to fly like a bird! However, even though her mama leads her to the happy truth…she still learns to fly.  A tale of self-discovery and learning to love who we are.


Publisher: Aliterati Publishing
EAN-ISBN-13#:  978-0-692-96630-3
Editor: A. J. Bottum
Illustration: Daniela  Frongia (London, UK)
Cover Design & Layout: C.D.Grant | Latitude47

Karen Shepherd

Born in Seattle, Washington in the mid-40’s, I am the mother of six, grandmother of three, and have been married to my best friend and most ardent supporter for over twenty years.

            My first published work was an article for a Seattle gardening newsletter, where I learned that one of my favorite parts of writing is the research; something that serves me well now when I blog.

            Later, I began freelancing feature articles for a local newspaper, which morphed into a three-year stint writing a semi-weekly opinion column that ended with a new editor with different opinions.

            Hippos in the Wind is a complete anomaly for me as a writer. It began with a dream my husband told me about years before (I’m still wondering what he ate the night before), that just stuck in my mind.

            One morning I jotted down the title, and the poem wrote itself; no corrections, no kidding. There it was, and there it resided in a file-folder for over ten years. Periodically I’ve read it to kids, who loved the idea, and I loved the message; it’s great to imagine, and just as great to combine fun with learning.