Current Graphic Design Project:

 I am creating a large library of Original Print-Ready Book Cover Designs. 

There will be only 1, the design will never be used again!

     Every 5 Covers designed will immediately go onto the "Covers Only" page. There will be 2 Trade Book Sizes available to begin. (5.5x8.5 and 6.0x9.0)

The covers will be made available in our Store shortly, and will include the addition of Title, text, back cover copy, and bar code placement for any book project. The files will be sent fully packaged for print projects.  There will also be a library of Cover Designs for eBooks!

 Any Illustrations (Children's Books, etc) needed will require a full cover design project.

If you need a Book Cover Design or a Book Published before the gallery is up, then please feel free to contact me at: