Carolanne (Cara) Bottum

Administrator, Publisher, Publishing Consultant | Aliterati Publishing

Chief Creative Officer, Graphic Designer | Latitude47

C.D.Grant's Author Website is currently down.  We will rebuild!

My goal as a Graphic Designer is to give everyone who chooses Aliterati Publishing | Latitude47 a valuable experience in design and publishing that not only surpasses your expectations, but motivates you to do it again and again.

My mission as a Publisher is to put writers, public speakers, business owners, artists and photographers, on a real and very definitive path to literary success. In 2020, we will be adding music & songwriting publishing.

My ultimate hope is that your experiences with Aliterati Publishing & Latitude47 move you to become a permanent part of our little family. And one day soon, I look forward to placing your testimonials on this website.

Many of you have worked with me before. However, I was not in a place where I could give you the type of personal service that you deserved. Today, I am.  And I have partnering staff available to personally take on projects to give you what you need to be successful with your goals.

As a writer, I believe that a Publisher should be more personally invested in and engaged with their clients.  

As a Publisher, I commit to a  personal relationship with my Authors, a strong business alliance with my clients, and to be a presence that you can always count on.

As an Independent Business Professional, I seek to create value in every product and service that I deliver.

I look forward to building new relationships in 2020 and beyond.

To your success,

Carolanne D. Bottum

If you would like to speak with me directly, please schedule a meeting with me here.