Custom & Specialty Book Design

  • Coffee Table Books (Design, Fine Art, Photography, Wedding Albums, and Poetry)
  • Limited Editions (With Numbered Certificates)
  • Boxed Sets

Print & Digital Publishing Options

  • Trade Books: Soft Cover or Hard Cover
  • Annual Publications
  • Limited Editions
  • Specialty Publications
  • Magazines
  • eBooks

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Global Market Access:

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Literary Services - Manuscript Development

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Indexing
  • Book Titles
  • Back Matter - Copy writing


  • Ghostwriting
  • Press Releases & Media Campaigns
  • Book Reviews
  • Author Interviews
  • Author Training & Development (Mentoring)

Book Design & Pre-press Production

Manuscript & Book Cover Design includes:

  • Interior & Exterior: Formatting, Layout & Design
  • Digital Typesetting, Preflighting & Packaging
  • Exterior: Full Color Cover Art Package (Including barcode placement)
  • Original Designs
  • Branding
  • Promotions, Marketing & Advertising Design


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  • WordPress & traditional Website Development & Design
    • Author Websites, Blogs, Book Stores
  • Website Hosting
  • Book Trailers
  • Book Store Pages
  • Apps & QR Codes


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